Religious beliefs in Quintalis are split into three main variants; the Astral Pantheon, the Magi Pantheon and the Pantheon of the Ten.

The Astral PantheonEdit

The Astral gods are the oldest prevailing common faith of Quintalis. It includes a wide variety of deities, covering every imaginable aspect of life.

The Magi PantheonEdit

The Magi are regarded as creatures by some, demons by others and gods by few. The groups that do worship the Magi, are often sects and cults. Not all of them are inheritably evil, although enough are known to be striving towards reawakening the Magi to give their groups a certain reputation. In many places, Magi worship is outlawed.

The TenEdit

​  The Ten are a group of powerful Espers that banished the Magi at the end of the 2nd Era and were heralded as gods.