The Faeryn are the people of the skies. Small framed and fragile, they built an empire on top of solidified clouds, far away from the sight of the other races. In previous ages they relied on ancient Esper channeling technologies to create the clouds they call their home, however in recent times the Faeryn have expanded their reach on to gigantic floating constructs. 

Appearance Edit

Often quite fair haired, colours ranging most commonly from blond to white, although the colours of the rainbow are possible, too. 

Medium to Tiny build 

Medium to Tiny height 

Usually light skinned, sometimes hues of blue and pink. 

Some Faeryn have nubs on their shoulderblades, which can be used to attach prosthetic wings. 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Agility 

+1 Charisma 

-2 Constitution 

Racial Feat Edit


+2 Acrobatics, fall damage is halved. 

Racial Abilities Edit


The caster can use Esper energies to create Faerie wings to carry them a total of 10 metres in any direction. MP cost is 6 

Naming Conventions Edit

Light sounding names, with a tinge of eastern oriental. Family Name – Given Name. 


Thimia Yui 

Hira Mikata 

Asetha Shiina 

Age Edit

8-14 Fledgling 

15-22 Young 

23-31 Middle Age 

32-45 Old 

46+ Venerable 

+2d16 Maximum Age