The Askadur are the people of Eldur's southern volcanic areas. Hot headed and short tempered, they are seldom to be trusted and are known to change their opinions on a whim. Being thick skinned, fast and strong makes them fearsome predators, whilst the Espers amongst them are known to be some of the most powerful. If only they were more organized, they would be an unstoppable force of nature. 

Appearance Edit

Generally bald, some have very dark hair 

Medium Light to Heavy Build 

Medium to Very Tall Height 

Skin often Ashen to Black, sometimes bright red veins visible. 

Intense eye colours 

Skin often appears very dry and crusty 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Strength 

+1 Will 

-2 Charisma 

Racial Feat Edit

Ashen Skin 

Superior resistance towards fire. Fire only does half damage. 

Racial Abilities Edit

Flaming Fury 

All the caster’s rage is released with enormous energy, covering them in fire that has a base roll of 1d8 + Total Stamina Damage. Lasts for 5 turns. 

Can only be used after taking at least 10% of damage to stamina. 

Naming Conventions Edit

Very hollow sounding, dark names. Classic brutal death metal naming conventions, no last names. 

Example: Ulgoroth 



Age Edit

30-60 Fledgling 

61-100 Young 

101-150 Middle Age 

151-175 Old 

176+ Venerable 

+1d100 Maximum Age