Espers with the ability to harness the power of light. Many use them for good, although there are ancient tales that tell of these powers being used for more sinister purposes.


Healing and buffing party members, also effective against undead.

Starting MoneyEdit

3d6 x 10 Gil

Class FeatEdit

Optimist (Reroll a healing spell targeted at the user if it lands on a critical fail.)

Skill BonusesEdit

First Aid +2

Diplomacy +1

Esper Sensitivity +1


Spell Requirements Description Base Roll Base Cost
Vita Light Esper Lvl 1

Summons a healing power to restore a single target’s stamina by roll result. 

1d6  4MP

Light Esper Lvl 8, Vita Lvl 2

Uses the forces of light to restore the roll result’s amount of stamina of the entire party.

1d10 8MP

Light Esper Lvl 16, Vitara Lvl 2, Maximum Level 1

Summons a divine power to restore all stamina of the entire party.

N/A  25MP

Light Esper Lvl 4, Vita Lvl 1

Purifies the target, cleansing it of its most recent status ailment and restoring its MP by roll result.

1d6 5MP

Light Esper Lvl 12, Esuna Lvl 2

Blesses entire party and cleanses each of their most recent status ailment whilst restoring their MP by roll result.

1d10 8MP

Light Esper Lvl 20, Esunaga Lvl 1, Maximum Level 1

Completely purifies entire party, cleansing them of all their status ailments whilst restoring all of their MP.

N/A 18MP

Light Esper Lvl 12, Vitara Lvl 2

Directs the flow of Esper energies around the target, causing them to regenerate 10% of maximum Stamina per turn for roll result number of turns.

1d8 12MP

Light Esper Lvl 1

Creates a sphere of light, illuminating the a sphere of a 10 meter radius around it, lasting for roll result of rounds.

1d10 2MP

Light Esper Lvl 4, Lumin Lvl 2, Vita Lvl 1

Focuses a blast of holy energy onto a single target, dealing roll result of holy damage.

1d10 (Holy) 6MP

Light Esper Lvl 12, Sanctus Lvl 2

The caster releases a vicious blast of holy energy where they are standing, causing roll result of holy damage to all enemies and undead allies in a 15 meter radius.

1d16 (Holy) 18MP

Light Esper Lvl 8, Vitara Lvl 3

Restores an unconscious but not dead target back to life with roll result points of Stamina. Damages undead.

1d10 12MP

Light Esper Lvl 20. Raise Lvl 2, Sanctura Lvl 1, Maximum Level 1

Restores a dead target back to life with full Stamina. Can only be used once per character.

N/A 50MP